In 1992, Landscape Architects Jim Guyton and Dez MacSorley set out to create a design firm that provided the highest level of professional services. Shortly thereafter, we brought in Civil Engineering to strengthen our commitment to client support. Then in 2008, we had the opportunity to diversify again to the benefit of our clients by including Transportation Planning when Randy Goddard joined the firm.

From the beginning, our leadership team, as guided by the senior principals, seeks to strengthen DRG’s core values and mission – a mission that includes striving to provide the highest level of professional services to clients by combining an understanding of our business, product type, concerns and risks with our strong technical and creative design skills. The leadership team is equally committed to the mission of fostering and nurturing a work environment that is both supportive and challenging, balanced and satisfying – an environment that encourages personal and professional growth with a sense of community.

The collective motivation, enthusiasm and insight of DRG’s leadership team makes us uniquely qualified to provide the guidance that is the foundation of success – today and for future generations.

James W. Guyton, PLA
Founding Principal
James W. Guyton, PLA is the cofounder and managing principal of DRG. His career at DRG spans 28 years. With 39 years of design experience under his belt, he combines a collaborative mindset with a keen awareness of product types and their complex relationships to the land on each individual project. His expertise and mentorship on all phases of project development, design team coordination and agency review processes is key to the strength of our successful team.
I grew up in Ohio watching good old spaghetti westerns, so I love the Good, the Bad and the Ugly — "make my day" with a project that is both complex and complicated with density and intensity. Seriously, I love a challenging site and helping figure out the possibilities with a friendly mix of creativity and practicality. I love working closely with my clients and helping them navigate the issues and possibilities in order to achieve a successful project.
Desiree B. MacSorley, PLA
Founding Principal
Desiree B. MacSorley, PLA is the cofounder and managing principal of DRG. Her career at DRG spans 28 years. She provides design guidance on a variety of project types as well as quality control and strategic planning. With 39 years of design experience, she has a dynamic and unique perspective on the design processes of a successful design firm. She is adept at combining conceptual ideas with practical solutions on a variety of project typologies.
I’m a big picture person with a keen attention to detail. I take a personal interest in every project and every person here. Great projects are made by people who care, so it really is all about the people – the people that make up DRG, all the cool people we work with including our clients, other design professionals and consultants, and most importantly the people who enjoy the spaces we create.
Randy E. Goddard, PE
Senior Principal
Randy E. Goddard, PE is the principal in charge of transportation planning. He has been a managing principal of the firm for 12 years and has over 31 years of traffic engineering and transportation planning experience in both the public and private sectors. His efforts and relationships with agencies such CDOT, NCDOT, the City of Charlotte and the surrounding communities result in overwhelming value for our clients.
I truly believe in and practice the building of relationships that last. I see our clients as partners and this informs the strong client relationships we have here at DRG. This is an attitude that starts with a deep and assertively demonstrated respect for the client; it grows with each contribution, with each project and brings with it the joy of knowing our very best has been done to meet or exceed the need. This is why we have great partners.
Thomas Haapapuro, PLA
Thomas Haapapuro, PLA has been a member of the firm for 18 years. He is a seasoned project manager with a unique and personable approach to communication. He is adept at leveraging strong external relationships that lead to successful projects and on time completion. On top of his many talents, Thomas brings a strong knowledge of construction practices and risk management to help our clients successfully navigate the construction process.
I have the greatest job in the world designing cool positive places for the human experience to unfold. I always strive to create the best possible stage for those experiences to play out on, whether it’s an energized urban hardscape or a beautiful green space. I take a hands-on approach with each project from start to finish to make sure we translate our client’s vision into a successful, constructible reality.
Scott Kiger, PLA
Scott Kiger, PLA has been a member of the firm for 22 years. He consistently delivers well-documented and coordinated design solutions. Scott brings a grounded and seasoned approach to every single project he manages. On top of his skills at successful project delivery, he is actively involved with training and support for new associates as well as for setting and maintaining DRG standards for document production and quality control.
I listen to the words of my client, hear their vision and feel their enthusiasm. Then I share that enthusiasm with the team to bring our client’s vision to reality, while exceeding their expectations and making sure all the details are taken care of.
Matt Mobley, PE
Matt Mobley, PE has been a member of the firm for 11 years. He has over 19 years of experience in the profession. With his thorough technical knowledge of all engineering aspects, he is instrumental in negotiating, designing and permitting unique and constructible engineering solutions for complex urban and high-density related infrastructure. His collaborative approach and broad knowledge base combined with his technical expertise provides the foundation for our abilities to provide inspired solutions.
Diligent research and planning combined with the full dedication of the team from the beginning is a winning combination for our clients time and time again. It enables DRG to quickly identity unique complexities of each site and provide our clients with the tools needed to create a successful project. This is our mantra.
Nicholas Bushon, PLA
Nicholas Bushon, PLA has been a member of the firm for over 9 years. He is a graduate of Michigan State University where he received a BA in Landscape Architecture. He then achieved a Master of Urban Design from UNC Charlotte where he began his specialization in community design and construction development. His passion and ability to illustrate the benefits of sustainable design provide significant clarity and direction towards achieving design excellence. Nick has also made significant contributions towards excellence in client relations and project management; skills which strengthen and further the mission and vision of our firm.
I aim to offer a creative planning and design approach that engages our clients and elevates project expectations from conceptual design through construction.
Michael Wickline, PE
Michael Wickline, PE has been a member of the firm for over 6 years. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he received a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering. His exclusive expertise in traffic engineering and transportation planning combined with his adept knowledge and relationships with local municipalities offers a successful approach no matter how big or small the project. A firm believer in putting the needs of his clients first, Michael strives to provide practical solutions to traffic and transportation concerns that are advantageous to both his clients as well as the surrounding communities.
I enjoy working to establish great solutions to difficult problems to meet the needs of our clients as well as the reviewing agencies. I relish the opportunity to start new relationships and build upon standing partnerships, while forming new processes that provide fresh perspectives for an evolving development market.