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August 13, 2019
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May 6, 2021

New restaurant opening in Wesley Heights.

Paige Hopkins, Charlotte Agenda

Counter-, chef Sam Hart’s first brick and mortar restaurant, is projected to open September 1. After working in Chicago as a private chef, Hart says he’s ready to return to his hometown.

The dash after the word “Counter” is supposed to represent the restaurant’s counter culture.

In an effort to immerse diners’ every sense, each course at Counter- will be paired with specially selected music. Hart says Counter- will be the first restaurant in the country to offer music pairings.

“The goal is to shock the system of our guest,” Hart said in a release. “From sound, to touch, taste, sight, and even smell, we want to fully immerse every sense.”

Location: 2200 Thrift Rd. in the Wesley Heights neighborhood, which is starting to look a lot different these days. Counter- will be just across the street from the East Coast’s first seltzery, Summit Seltzery.

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